Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Road Trip!

So we decide to attend a family event in Charlotte, NC 5 days before the event. On top of that we decide to make a road trip out of it. Everyone who knows us thought we've lost it! To drive 1000+ miles one way with 2 young kids... We're almost towards the end of our onward journey and I decided to do a quick post with the things I did that worked out, and things that didn't work out so much.

Things that worked out-

1. Packed snacks and food that could feed 2 football teams! Definitely a win! We've not had to bother thinking about where to eat and what to eat with the amount of food that we packed.

2. Started the first leg of our trip after supper. We were able to drive 200 miles without a single stop since everyone was well fed and the kids slept through most of the drive.

3. Had a super heavy breakfast the next morning. That basically let us drive another 300+miles without having to make any stops until lunch time.

4. Picnic lunch at a rest area on the interstate! The kids were happy to have stretched their legs and run about while we were able to enjoy our meal.

5. Lots of videos on the iPads, tablets basically anything that would let us download a video. Now I was very sceptical about this step but I'm proud to say the kids watched just about 4-5 hours with of videos during the 15 +hrs that we've been on the road.

6. Little surprise gifts that 'Santa' decided to drop on their car seats when they were on a break from the drive. Since Christmas is almost here, we decided these little presents from Santa would keep the morale up and it worked quite well.

7. Coloring books, crayons, favorite toys, everything that brings a smile on the kids' faces. Definitely a plus!

Things that didn't quite work out-

1) we knew we had to expect rain but forgot to carry our umbrellas and raincoats

2) we should have planned slightly ahead and started a couple of hours before the time we actually started at. Now I know I listed it as a'thing that worked out' as well. But considering the overall distance is this huge, a little preplanning would not have hurt.

3) With a little more planning, packing would have been even better. We wouldn't have had to carry all the bags into the hotel room. Instead just one bag that held all our night clothes and next day dresses along with toiletries would have been good. Perhaps on the return trip.

Well for now, we're just about an hour away from our destination. The Mr and I are already discussing our next road trip with the kids. This time with a little more planning and lead time of course!

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  1. Take my word for this... Road trips are simply the best.... never mind some unforseen events!