Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Of Making Life Simple

Have you ever felt like you're always on the run with never a free moment? What am I saying!? OF COURSE you have! Everyone does. Even my 3 year old (almost 4 year old) thinks she has no time for so many things like bathing, eating, sleeping because she has so many things like cooking in her little kitchen, playing non stop, daycare, arts, crafts to take care of. I am guilty as charged of that feeling every single hour of my awake time. 

Our family is no different from yours. Home cooked meals, school, family dinners, bed time stories, family times are all a major part of our lives and we strive hard to maintain the balance between our jobs and our personal life. Before you picture us as the quintessential happy family, please note that like everyone else we also feel the pressure when things get out of control, and we also have those off moments during such pressure times. 

I work full time from home, have a husband, 2 little kids and a brand new house filled with dreams and hopes of being completely decorated sometime soon. With cooking, laundry, cleaning, kids, work and a very busy husband, I sometimes feel like there is no life for me outside of these things. A friend asked me the other day if I ever feel overwhelmed and irritated with everything. Yes, I do and when I do, I simply make myself a cup of tea, kick off my shoes and cuddle up on the couch either reading a book or just staring at nothing. That either gives me the necessary relaxed mind or builds a list of another 10 chores that need to be taken care of coaxing me to get up from the couch and get started. 

Another mom friend recently suggested reading this book called Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne. Every time I would complain about too much work, she would simply bring up the name of the book and urge me to read it. Finally taking her advice I started reading the book and it made so much difference in my way of thinking and raising my kids. 

We all want to raise happy healthy and confident children and want to give them everything that we can. But sometimes, are we going overboard with giving everything to our children? This book hits this point on the bull's eye. 

This blog is an attempt of mine to incorporate the lessons from this book in to my life and home. Its an attempt to document all learning and use it whenever things seem to be out of control and to motivate myself on achieving the goal of making the life in our house a simple and effective one. I will post parenting tips, recipes, organization tips that work for me, cleaning techniques that work for me and everything in between. 

This is also an attempt to keep all the tips and tricks handy for any future parents (my friends, family) and to remind them that these simple solutions worked for our family, might work for them too! 

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