Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Back after a while!

Been around 6 months since my last post. Not that I didn't have ideas! I had a ton of them, but I just chose to ignore them out of laziness, lack of time and lack of energy.

A lot happened in the past 6 months. Between birthdays, guests, home, kids, more road-trips, and plans for a big vacation, life moved very fast!

Today's post is about a construction table I built for my kids. Like all little children, my kids love playing with blocks. We did not have a table sturdy enough to let them play with it. I wanted to buy some pretty looking construction tables, however they are so expensive that I didn't have the heart to spend so much money on something that will eventually be scribbled on by my 2 year old. After spending hours trying to find the perfect solution, I stumbled upon this picture. This gave me an idea to use some of the stuff at home, buy a little more stuff and build our own construction table!

Things I used:

  • IKEA Lack side table (already at hand)
  • Duck tape in 5 different colors
  • Brick building base plates - $21.95 from Amazon
What I did:

I placed the base plates on the table top. The table is a square table of sides measuring 21 5/8 inches. The base plates are squares of 10 inches each. So, all the 4 plates together fit quite well leaving about 1 5/8 inches on each edge. I stuck some green duck tape around the edges to make it all blend. 

Double Sided Tape for sticking the base plates

Then, I stuck the base plates with double sided tape and put some weights all over them to make sure they stick well. 

Next, I started covering the legs of the table with duck tape in different colors. one layer with each color. 

The Finished Product

The end product looks something like a table top placed on 4 stacks of blocks. Pretty neat! My kids love playing blocks on it!

The First Build on The table.

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